Managing Principal

Asim Aleem

Institutional Investors

Anacapa Partners

Jeff Stevens
Ashley Giesler

Argo Management Partners

John T. Fitzgerald

Pacific Lake Partners

Jim Southern
Coley Andrews

Search Fund Partners

David Carver
Jim Edmunds
Rich Kelley

Trilogy Search Partners

Scott Alderman
Cregg Baumbaugh
Mitch Cohen

Individual Investors

Richard Augustyn
Craig Burr
Matthew Burr
Matt Diamond
Bill Egan
Mark Egan
Jim Johnson
Joseph Niehaus
William Thorndike
A.J. Wasserstein
Kent Weaver

The Team

The Valent Capital Partners Team is comprised of a group of successful entrepreneurs, operating executives and investors who have exceptional direct experience in, and passion for, building and growing the value of companies. As the Valent name implies, our goal is to leverage the collective strengths, resources and capacity of our team to create long-term success for all stakeholders.